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Kitson LEE

Graduate of 2020

The MAGS programme has brought together students from different backgrounds. This circumstance, together with case studies, debates and group projects, have widened my horizons. Having participated in various courses, ranging from history to politics, I believe that my classmates and I have learnt and are nurtured to become a global citizen. This certainly has positive impact in both our personal and career development, thus helps contributing to our society.


Victor LEUNG

Graduate of 2020

Globalisation is a series of processes. We are being part of it and being unprecedentedly interconnected. As same as studying in the MAGS, it provided us with a platform to experience the process. Which, MAGS enabled us to cognise the ubiquitous existence of politics and global society around us, by connecting worldwide renowned professors and miscellaneous classmates, exchanging different perspectives, and unlocking our skillsets to experience it. During the Pandemic, MAGS has provided us with a range of supports and assistance, which enabled us to continue our studies. It's been quite a journey this year !

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Jewel LI

Graduate of 2020

The MAGS learning experience was a key highlight in this journey of my student life. Acting as a bridge that widened my horizons, the experience enabled me to excel further, challenging myself academically. MAGS was a significant step to enable me onwards in my next stage of learning and instilled in me a greater appreciation of the academic world. It was a deeply enriching experience which I was glad to have gone through.

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Becky XU

Graduate of 2019

Breaking through a bottleneck in my career is one of the greatest challenges I faced. After 5 years in the workforce, I realized the importance of continuing to enhance my theoretical and practical skills. The MAGS programme offered me such an opportunity to refresh and to consolidate my knowledge. I selected global political economy as my concentration, which students can better understand the global market from economic and political perspective. The courses provided a framework for me to improve skill set such as critical thinking. The extra-curricular activities also brought huge benefit to my personal development. Thanks to the excellent education at HKBU, I was able to secure a job in a listed company in Hong Kong right after my graduation. MAGS is definitely one of the best decision I made. 


Alicia CHEN

Graduate of 2019

Career advancement maybe one of the reasons why students enter master's programmes. My initiation into the MAGS programme was different. It offered me an opportunity to pause and to rethink my life plans. The courses provided a solid foundation for me to understand the globalized world and myself better. I was encouraged to think about how various concepts and models of Global Studies can be applied in the real-life scenarios. Professors are passionate about their teaching and their students' achievement. I was motivated to contribute to my personal development as well as to fulfill my potential. In a nutshell, the MAGS programme is one of the best things that has happened in my life!


Ewan NG

Graduate of 2019

This programme equips students to develop a global mindset and to put into practice for local action. The courses were insightful, and facilitated my further development in critical thinking skills and research techniques. Now looking back on my MAGS experience, I am able to say without doubt that it was an enriching and wonderful journey!

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Tasha KWAN

Graduate of 2018

This programme gathers students with different backgrounds in a thought-provoking and academically challenging environment. The down-to-earth case studies and relevant projects equip students with knowledge and skills to become global citizens. Students shall graduate with skills that help their career and character development.


Graduate of 2017

The courses were truly inspiring and thought-provoking. I was able to apply different perspectives to look into social phenomena and issues. The discussions and case studies help to establish our identities as global citizens. This programme encourages us to pursue our dreams and to make our contribution for a better world.